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Swan Surfacing: Made in the USA

Americans like buying American-made products, which is one of the reasons they look to Swan for a wide variety of kitchen and bathroom accessories.  Based in St. Louis, Swan Surfacing, LLC brings homeowners the very best solutions for kitchen and bath upgrades and remodeling projects, all made with superior durability and aesthetic appeal.

More than 50 years of service

The Swan story begins in 1964, when the young company introduced a beautiful shell-shaped shower without doors, called the Swan Shell Shower.  This got the company noticed, but today Swan is best-known for its compression-molded surface material known as Swanstone, which goes into many of the company’s signature products.

A full line of handsome Swanstone accessories

Swan kitchen and bath accessories

A Swanstone square tile bath wall kit.

Long-lasting Swanstone can be found in Swan’s ready-to-install shower wall and tub wall kits, shower floors, single- and double-bowl vanity tops, drop-in and under-mount kitchen sinks and many other Swan kitchen and bath accessories.

The mission at Swan is to provide attentive customer service, lasting value and high quality across all product lines.  This mission is reflected both at the company’s corporate headquarters in St. Louis and at the spacious Swan manufacturing plant in Centralia, Ill.

Water Lily of Thomasville, Ga., is proud to offer a variety of Swan products to our customers in southwest Georgia and north-central Florida including the Tallahassee region.  Swan kitchen and bath accessories are popular with folks who are undertaking major remodeling projects, building a new home or simply looking to make a minor upgrade to their bathroom or kitchen.

The Water Lily showroom is located at 222 Fletcher St. in Thomasville, open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  If you have a big job coming up and need to schedule an appointment with our helpful staff, you can do that by calling (855) 818-5531, or go here and fill out an appointment request.

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Tips for Removing Bathtub Rust

tips for removing bathtub rust

Removing bathtub rust can be a big job, but you can do it.

If tubs were made out of an orange and brown material, rust stains probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  But since they’re usually light-colored, and most often white, a build-up of rust stands out like the proverbial sore thumb.  Here are a few helpful ideas for removing bathtub rust.

Where does bathtub rust come from?

It’s a fairly common belief that the rust we often see in our tubs comes from the flaking of metal water pipes that ends up as a residue on the porcelain of the tub.

The fact is, rust in bathtubs is usually the result of the hard water that’s used in them.  If you use hard water, there’s always a chance that rust will form.  Installing a water softener will fix the problem, but most people would rather clean the rust periodically than go out and by a water softening system.

Methods to remove rust

Removing bathtub rust with a pumice stone

A pumice stone is a good choice for removing bathtub rust.

The trick to removing bathtub rust is doing so without harming the porcelain surface, so avoid steel wool and wire brushes.  Rather, use a plastic scrubber or some other implement that you know won’t harm the tub’s surface.

One rust-removal method that works if the rust isn’t too pervasive is a basic scrubbing cleaner like Comet or Ajax.  Lime dissolvers also can work to remove rust.

You can make your own cleaner with white vinegar and lemon juice, which is a powerful concoction that will clean off rust and many other stains.

A pumice stone is another good method for removing tub rust.  You can buy one in most hardware stores and some grocery stores.  Keep the stone wet as you scrub the rust gently.  The goal is just to remove the rust and not scrub hard into the tub surface.

A pumice stone is a good choice when rust is severe.  Get the majority of rust off with the stone, then use one of the above-mentioned methods to get the remainder.

Stay on top of rust in the tub

The first time around, you may have a large rust buildup to contend with.  After you’ve found a good method for removing it, use that method regularly, as soon as you see a new rust stain starting.  It’s always easier to clean a small mess than a large one.

For many of us, tub rust is just a fact of life when we use hard water.  We hope these tips will help you keep your tub looking great all the time without having to invest in a water-softening system.

If your tub is suffering from more than a few rust stains and needs replacing, Water Lily of Thomasville, Ga., can show you a full selection of beautiful new tubs and other bathroom fixtures that would look great in your bathroom.  Visit us at 222 Fletcher St., or give us a call at (855) 818-5531.

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Why You Should Take an Epsom Salt Bath This Holiday Season

A bath in Epsom salt brings many benefits.

A bath in Epsom salt brings many benefits.

The holiday season – and often the weeks following – can be stressful.  Everybody’s trying to maintain their regular lives with their jobs, family and home responsibilities, but they add all the busy-ness of gift-shopping, parties, get-togethers and sometimes long trips.  It’s plenty on the plate, no doubt.  Fortunately, there are ways to bring more relaxation into your world during the busy season, and an Epsom salt bath is one of them.

It’s a simple procedure: Dump two cups of Epsom salt into a warm bath and soak for about 15 minutes.  First, just the act of taking a timeout and relaxing is good for you.  But the health benefits of Epsom salt go much further than simple relaxation.

These benefits come not from the salt content but from the magnesium, a critical element in the human body that helps us regulate more than 325 enzymes.  And it’s a fact that most people are slightly or significantly deficient in magnesium.

So when we talk about the benefits of Epsom salt, we’re really talking about the benefits of magnesium.  Here are some of the benefits associated with this element:

  • Lower stress levels: magnesium allows the body to regulate serotonin, a chemical that promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being.
  • Heart health: magnesium is part of the body’s defense against circulatory problems and high blood pressure.
  • Inflammation: magnesium is one of the chemicals necessary for the reduction of inflammation.
  • Insulin: magnesium helps the body process and use insulin, which guards against diabetes.
  • Pain: magnesium helps remove toxins from our cells, resulting in a lowering of muscle pain.
  • Nerves: magnesium regulates electrolytes, which improves nerve function.
  • Calcium: magnesium must be present in therapeutic amounts to maintain proper blood calcium levels.

Magnesium also positively affects our use of oxygen, aids in nutrient absorption, and enhances the building of joint proteins and brain tissue.  It’s also good for easing or preventing migraines.

You can increase your magnesium levels with over-the-counter supplements, and that’s a good thing.  But getting your magnesium additionally through a warm bath makes the process even more beneficial.

When you soak in a tub, you give yourself a few minutes out of a congested day to just be you and just think your thoughts.  You can use this bath time as an opportunity to think about how thankful you are for all you have or to visualize accomplishing something that’s important to you.  Warm water in itself is calming, and coupled with the power of Epsom salt magnesium, it’s a great way to pamper yourself during this busy season.

All brands of Epsom salt you can buy are the same.  You can find the product in just about any drug store and most grocery store health sections, and it’s surprisingly inexpensive.

Your friends at Water Lily in Thomasville, Ga., want to wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and a fantastic new year.


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Get to Know Fairmont Designs Products

fairmont designs products

This Acacia vanity is one of many great Fairmont Designs products.

Fairmont Designs of Buena Park, Calif., has been supplying American homes with lush, sturdy and serviceable furnishings and fixtures since the 1980s.

The full line of Fairmont Designs products are made in four factories comprising a total of 2.5 million feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space.  A member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, Fairmont always seeks new and innovative ways to support its commitment to eco-friendly business practices.

Fairmont Designs products

The Fairmont line features four primary categories: vanities, mirrors, sinks and general home furnishings.  Styles range from rustic traditional to the most modern and trend-setting.  The design ideas come from designers all over the world, who keep a close eye on the direction in which home furnishings are moving.

For example, the sofas and loveseats in the Fairmont Nouvel collection are warm and inviting, perfect accents or centerpieces to virtually any home décor.  Dining room furnishings include stately china cabinets, tables and servers, all with the tasteful Fairmont flair for shape and structure.

The Acacia bathroom products line includes handsome wood-grain vanities and ultra-contemporary mirrors that are wonderful additions to thoughtfully decorated bathrooms.  Fairmont offers a wide range of sinks made from materials such as ceramic, stone and quartz, all designed with use and looks in mind.

Always improving

Fairmont Designs considers its 4,500 employees to be its greatest asset, with everyone focused on constant improvements in quality, service and value.

It’s no wonder, then, that American homes love Fairmont Designs products.  The company’s reputation for innovation and design mastery is among the best in the home furnishings industry, and one look at the fine workmanship tells you why.

If you’ve never seen any of the beautiful products available from Fairmont, we invite you to visit Water Lily’s showroom at 222 Fletcher St. in Thomasville, Ga.  You’ll be amazed by the variety of products that are great for remodeling or home-improvement projects.

Call Water Lily at (855) 818-5531 with questions about Fairmont Designs products or any other kitchen, bath or lighting needs you might have.

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Changing Chandelier Styles Though the Ages

Today, it’s not hard to buy a chandelier – they’re made by many different manufacturers and are available often at very reasonable prices.  There are many chandelier styles to fit most any taste, but it’s taken a lot of years to get to this point.  In the beginning, only the wealthy had access to these beautiful lighting fixtures.  Let’s look at a brief history of the chandelier.

Medieval times

bronze pendant chandelier style

A chandelier style with bronze pendant lights by Troy Lighting.

In the Medieval days, chandelier styles were circular and featured more complex designs than the basic moveable candle arrangement of earlier times.  The first use of chandeliers was primarily in palaces and homes of nobility.  They were a status symbol.

It took a few hundred years for the cost of these ornate lighting systems to become priced so that more “average” people could use them.  By the 18th century, chandelier styles often featured long, curved arms with a multitude of candles and could be found in homes of the merchant class.  The fixtures were typically made from gilded metal or intricately carved wood.  More advanced glassmaking techniques eventually led to the crystal chandelier.

Many of the earliest chandeliers were made by Bohemian and Venetian glassmakers.  Although the evolving designs were quite beautiful to look at, the fixtures were created in order to bring needed light to homes through the refraction of their facets and crystal prism bevels.  Many chandelier styles came out of the Murano Islands of northern Italy.

Italian chandeliers were known for complex arabesques of flowers, leaves and fruits set off by colored glass.  The glass used was known as “soda glass” and was among the lightest glass available.  These magnificent pieces took a long time to make and weren’t exactly cheap, although as more became available, the prices gradually went down.


Gas lighting became popular in the mid-1800s, leading to the “gasolier,” (gas chandelier).  Candle chandelier styles began disappearing, especially by the end of the century, when electric light became available.  At first, electric chandeliers were known as “electroliers.”

Designers at this time created many unique bulb shapes, often resembling the flame of a candle.  Other bulb styles were used in gas models and featured shimmering gas discharges within the bulbs.

Modern times

Once a status symbol of the rich and well-heeled, chandeliers became much more common as the 20th century rolled around and could be found in “common” homes throughout many parts of the world.  Today, the chandelier is still used as supplemental lighting, although it’s also popular as a decorative feature in and of itself.

Currently, the biggest selling chandelier styles are made by such manufacturers as Troy, Savoy, Corbett, Nora, Capital and Hudson Valley.

If you’re looking for chandeliers in the southwest Georgia or north-central Florida areas, Water Lily of Thomasville, Ga., has plenty of outstanding models in all price ranges for you to check out.  Visit us at 222 Fletcher St. in Thomasville, or give us a call at (855) 818-5531.

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7 Different Ways to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

"Honey - where's my beer?"  "It's in the turkey!"

“Honey – where’s my beer?” “It’s in the turkey!”

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there are all kinds of ways to cook a turkey, if you want to break with tradition a little.  These interesting methods for cooking a Thanksgiving bird aren’t too difficult – and any of them will be easier than skinning a cat.

  1. Smoked

If you go the smoking route, you’ll be spending some time in the process, but it’ll be worth it.  Smoking meat adds to the moisture in it, so that’s a bonus.  Another bonus is because you’ll be using an outdoor smoker, the kitchen and especially the sink won’t get as messy as with other turkey cooking methods.

Smoked turkey recipe

  1. Deep Fried

This is a way to get a turkey done and ready to eat about an hour, rather than tying your kitchen up for half a day or more with traditional roasting.  The bird will be fattier, so that may not be ideal for all.  Also great care should be taken to not overheat the oil, otherwise it could catch on fire.

Deep fried turkey recipe

  1. Tur-duc-ken

It’s hard to pronounce, but it tastes great.  It’s a turkey stuffed with a duck, which is stuffed with a chicken.  This style of cooking a turkey is somewhat involved, but if you like the idea of an “everything but the kitchen sink” turkey, you’ll love it.

Tur-duc-ken recipe

  1. Grilled

You grill just about everything else – why not the Thanksgiving turkey?  Yes, you’ll have to cut the bird up ahead of time, but if you like the savory taste of grilled meats, you’ll love grilled turkey.  Use a meat thermometer to ensure that the pieces are at least 165 degrees before serving.

Grilled turkey recipe

  1. Braised

When you braise a turkey, you’ll have to take the pieces apart as with grilling.  If you aren’t all invested in having a full, big bird on your Thanksgiving table, braised turkey will delight your senses.  It’s very flavorful and moist, and the meat falls right off the bone.

Braised turkey recipe

  1. Brined

A brined turkey adds a huge amount of flavor and moisture to the bird.  The key is to keep the turkey cold while it’s soaking so as to not spoil the meat.  This is a popular way to prepare a turkey, and it may become your standard method after you taste it.

Brined turkey recipe

  1. Beer Can

“Hey, honey – where’s my beer?”  “It’s in the turkey, dear!”  Yes, beer-can turkey is delicious – and easy.  An actual (opened) beer can is placed in the turkey, which creates an awesome steaming and flavoring effect.  This is another grill recipe, so it’ll free up your kitchen.

Beer can turkey recipe

See what you think about these recipes for cooking a turkey.  You might add a brand new tradition to your old-fashioned tradition of Thanksgiving.

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